The great Peter Thiel once said, “You have to be ten times better than second best.” I’ve got a feeling that if he were around when our four-man team set out to build Klink, he would’ve added, “…and your ego doesn’t count.”

I still remember that night by the pool in our Spanish Villa. We had just set our sights on a huge problem we shared a heart for — missions fundraising. You could feel the excitement in the air. For the last 30 minutes, we had been throwing ideas around and dreaming of ways to tackle this problem. Built…

Cristofer Jeschke - Unsplash

“It’s not about you, it’s not about how you look.”

I shifted from my back to my side on the lightly padded wooden bed I was sleeping on. I repeated this reassuring sentence in my mind as the doubting thoughts and feelings of anxiety rushed back into my mind. I took a deep breath — cool air filled my lungs along with a hint of smoke from the extinguished fire our hosts cooked their dinner over. Moments later, that feeling of nervousness surged through my body once again.

A few days prior, I learned I would be sharing a quick testimony at the local church in the Thai village we…

“Why is this so hard!?!”

My gaze drifted back to my blank computer screen. Well, it wasn’t entirely blank. My eyes wandered down to the icons sitting at the bottom of my screen — browsers, design programs, and other tools I was using to work on the designs for our new website. Glancing to the far-right, I noticed the digital clock read 3:51.

Two hours.

Two hours of searching for inspiration, having ideas, sketching them, being disappointed, and starting over. I leaned back and took a deep breath. I remembered something I read a while ago about the creative process.

Nathan Bird

19, CTO, co-founder of Klink Fundraising. Web & mobile app developer, world traveler.

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